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Corinne Jola

Abertay University (Cognitive Neuroscience / Psychology / Performing Arts)

I am a senior lecturer in Psychology at Abertay University. In my teaching and research, I employ artistic practices and neuro-scientific approaches. Likewise, my educational background is thoroughly interdisciplinary; I have studied Psychology (University of Zurich/Freiburg i. Br.) and Dance (Iwanson, Munich; Dance Culture University of Berne) with Masters awarded in Choreography (with distinction from Trinity Laban London) and a doctorate in Cognitive Neuroscience, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation as a visiting student at ICN/UCL. Both my scientific and artistic work focusses on the sense of movement in movers and spectators. In my research, I particularly explore the links between the kinaesthetic sense and empathic as well as cognitive abilities, such as spatial thinking and language. I propose that a better understanding of how these abilities intertwine with our sense of movement, allows making better predictions and propositions for human performance and well-being. Albeit working in the interdisciplinary field of art and science, I consider theory-driven studies as well as a focus on empirical-based research important. The aim is to provide the knowledge basis to design evidence-based effective intervention programmes that can enhance the lives of a variety of people across all ages, including those suffering from long term mental and physical illnesses (for more information see or

Looking for: collaborations with artists as well as neuroscientists/cognitive scientists interested in movement, experience, and cognition.

Keywords: Dance, Movement, Art, Cognition, Neuroscience, Experience, Performance