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Konstantin Semilakovs

St Andrews / SHARE PhD Student (Music / Psychology)

Born in Latvia and grown up in Germany, Konstantin is a classical pianist and professor of piano at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. In addition to performing and pedagogical activities, he is researching the phenomenon of synaesthesia (cross-modal perception) in the classical music within his doctoral programme at the University of St Andrews (supervised by Ines Jentzsch and Jonathan Kemp). The focus of his studies is the relation between harmony, consonance and colour perception in the compositions by Alexander Scriabin and Olivier Messiaen. He is further working on visualisations of these works and introducing the concert audience to musical synaesthesia.

Konstantin's area of Postgraduate study is: Harmony, consonance and colour perception in the music of Alexander Scriabin and Olivier Messiaen, supervised by Ines Jentzsch (St Andrews) and Jonathan Kemp (St Andrews).