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Sarah Hopfinger

RCS / Staff (Contemporary Performance Practice / Disability Studies / Queer Studies / Ecology)

Dr Sarah Hopfinger is a practitioner-researcher working in contemporary performance practice. Her research specialisms are ecological performance, chronic pain and dance, intergenerational practice, and devised performance. Her current performance research project - Ecologies of Pain - explores the connections between living with chronic pain and living with and responding to ecological pain. Her practice spans solo performance, collaborative works and participatory projects. She works with a diversity of collaborators including professional and nonprofessional performers, children and adults, and disabled and non-disabled people. Her research has been published in leading performance journals including Research in Drama Education (RiDE), Performance Research and Performing Ethos. She has presented her artistic and research work nationally and internationally at conferences and performance festivals. She works part-time as Lecturer in Contemporary Performance Practice at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Sarah is looking for experts in chronic pain / pain research, researchers in/related to pain philosophy/theories. Researchers from any discipline whose work is related to ecological grief/loss/pain/despair.